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The Pretty Hair box is a fun surprise box of hair accessories and products all put together to create an experience for you at home.

When our salon home, Salon 1506, was forcibly closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and we were not able to work, we decided to pivot our business and create the Pretty Hair box.


What started as an idea to help our salon team through COVID-19, has now become a unique way to inspire you to try new things with your hair by providing you with professional hair care and accessories to try at home. Initially our hope was to help our stylists find a way to service their guests, since we couldn’t physically be in the salon. We wanted to be able to pamper and treat you from a social distance.


We all love trying new products to find the right combination for you in the salon, so why not have the opportunity to do that yourself at home? You can give it as a gift, keep it all for yourself, or share with a friend. And if you find a new product you love, you can find all of your new favorites by shopping our salon store HERE.